Our Services

In 2017, ADRI will be available to connect with Arab universities wanting to digitize their content for access both within their universities and across wider platforms. ADRI’s market surveys indicate that client universities in the Middle East possess various levels of technical infrastructure. Some utilise the highest technologies in content management and academic repositories, whilst others are still progressing towards such a future. Therefore, ADRI is prepared to offer universities a full range of digitising services which cater to the differing maturity of their content management infrastructures. These services include:

Adri Platform:

ADRI allows both the local and international sharing of records among its subscribers via creative and high-tech interfaces. This sharing enables Arabic academic content to be searchable, synced and easily accessible from anywhere across the globe.

Academic Repository:

ADRI will provide assistance in the categorization and framing of the digitized records on the online platform. Accordingly, ADRI offers the best storage solution for storing and maintaining these digitized records in line with local and international intellectual property rules and guidelines.


Consultancy Services:

ADRI provides comprehensive consultancy services to subscribers on how to digitize and publish their academic content. This includes an assessment of the current digital status of their academic resources according to international standards, and providing a final capability report according to their own requirements.

Content Digitisation:

ADRI offers to its subscribers, the latest digitizing technology services for all their hard copy content. This digitisation allows such content to be uploaded to the ADRI platform and facilitates instant online accessibility.


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